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Artist of the month: Sasha Butler - Gerdes

With a blatant love of wool and natural elements it’s not at all uncommon to find unlikely combinations in Sasha’s works.  Often ephemeral and always lovely Sasha creates stitch art, crochet jewelry, accessories, installations and decorative decorations with tiny and invariably perfect wee stitches.

A self-taught artist, Butler-Gerdes brims with creative energy; often producing entirely unexpected works such as her upside down hanging doll Ms Petunia for The Depot’s textile exhibition which featured in the New Zealand Herald.

Using her surroundings as both inspiration and material for creating, Butler-Gerdes’ works inject a welcome breath of fresh air into ones life.  With her effortless environmental sentiment plain to see in the presentation of her jewelry and her unconventional choices of canvas (bark, thick paper made of leaves, abandoned wood) it’s a delight to see Sasha’s penchant for the natural world so readily embraced in her artistic endeavors.

Front Room has an exiting range of Sasha’s work available for purchase.

Sasha accepts commissions and is contactable via her blog: and

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