Art and Object for purchase online and in store from The Depot Artspace

Prints Charming

Devonport local Sandra Waine creates lino cut limited edition prints and carves the most amazing rubber stamps. While we remain eager and awaiting on the stamp side of things, she brought in a great selection of her quirky, fun, and funky prints last week much to everyone’s delight!
While my personal favourite is the Owl and the Pussycat (ahh nostalgia) - any of these would brighten anyone’s day.

Priced from $40 to $125, these definitely make the Triple A* rating!
*The Triple A rating is my fictitious made up on the spot term for artwork that is Affordable, Awesome and Amazing!!!

Meet Baxter. He’s the new me!! He sports a far superior moustache than I do, and his ability to change himself blue-y-green at will is truly an impressive trait! He is now at The Depot/Small Dog Tuesdays and Wednesdays for you to come and talk to, and ask questions of, and smile nicely at (which he deserves because he is a VERY nice person himself….just like you of course!).

Baxter is pictured in both skin tone and aqua, holding something he likes very much: Mariska De Jager’s ‘Light' ($450).

You can follow his comings and goings….HERE and you should definitely buy one of his hats too because they are cool like him…and then you will be cool (NOT that you aren’t already!!)

Anyway, it has been loveliness to blurt my nonsensical thoughts onto the screen for your eager perusal, and meet you when you came to visit!! From me: have a delightful Christmas and New Year and Summer and LIFE you delightful human being!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoc :)

Ruth Castle, Weaver of Magic!

Accomplished long time weaver of magic, Ruth Castle creates decorative works of woven cane which have a perfect balance between hardness and fragility.

Her decorative dishes, which are dyed black with potassium permanganate, hang from the wall casting finely entwined shadows and swirling patterns on the surface behind: artworks in and of themselves.

Her last delivery of stock sold out straight away, so be sure to pop in and snap up her stunning (crazily reasonably priced) pieces!

$54 - $75.

Caroline Griffin bought in these TREATS yesterday. They are coppery and silvery and blackened-coppery and delightfully adorned with Japanese enamels in DELICIOUS colours.

Really, they look quite edible, in a not-even-remotely-edible kind of way!

Perfectly summery in palette, they are well worth popping in to acquaint your fingers with!

Assorted sizes and colours: Silver Rings $140, Copper and Blackened Copper Rings $70


“Dreamcity” -  Design by Mathidle Nivet.


Joana Vasconcelos.

Red Independent Heart, 2005. Translucent red plastic cutlery, painted iron, metal chain, motor, CD, 371 x 220 x 75 cm.

Red Independ Heart (Coração Independente Vermelho), 2005. Golden Independent Heart (Coração Independente Dourado), 2004. Black Independent Heart (Coração Independente Preto), 2006.


Sergio Romagnolo.

Drums with slipper, 2003. Shaped plastic, 200 x 200 cm.

Upsidedown Beetle, 2003. Plastic mold, 160 x 160 x 400 cm.

Small Dog Instructions to alleviate the trials and tribulations of Chrissy this year!

I think I shall dub our inaugural Instructions Manual ‘How to be a Happy Camper and not a Grinch at Christmastime’.

Follow these instructions and you shall be well on your way to gaiety and joy these hol’s!

1.    Keep an open mind!
2.    Pop in to Small Dog and peruse our display of gifts ranging in price from $3.
3.    Still stuck? Talk to the nice person behind the counter about what you’re looking for, price range, etc, etc and let them come up with some ideas for you!
4.    Select gifts for your loved ones and pay for them or put them on layby! Failing that, buy them a card and a Small Dog gift voucher.
5.    Stroll down the road for a coffee and a piece of lemon meringue pie, feeling accomplished, relaxed and full of anticipation for the look of joy on the face of your gift recipient*!


Yuri Firmeza.

Action 6, 2006. Acrylic photo, 63 x 90 cm.

Action 3, 2005. Photograph, 70 x 93 cm.

Ahhh the seventies! What a great era… not that I have any firsthand experience, but I have it on good information that they were a time of revelry, goodness and DISCO! A time when orange reigned and the Village People rocked socks and bellbottoms and paisley shirts. The latest offerings of Gabriella Klepacki may or may not have been intentionally inspired by the creators of YMCA but they ARE called Village People… and they ARE perfectly and individually dressed in “costumes depicting (American? Cultural?) stereotypes” (thanks Wikipedia).

Anyway, whatever Gabriella was jamming to as she carefully crafted her Village People is a moot point; they are cool as cool can be, created with careful care and for sale in Small Dog NOW! Academic, musician, artist, aristocrat, traveler, businessman, chef… all waiting impatiently in the window for your perusal.

$60 each. Are you jivin’ yet?!